Programming Classes

Kids Program robots in the Germantown area

I am wondering if there is a class for kids in the Germantown area?  I’m looking for a class that teaches kids how to program robots. My child is in elementary school, and she went to a summer camp this year, but the programming class there didn’t touch robots.

Leslie in Germantown


Kids Computer Programming in Rockville

Hello, I am looking for a kids computer programming class in the Rockville area. My children are 8 years old and 10 years old. Do you have any such offerings? Melinda

Summer Camp Gaithersburg

Hi Panda Programmer I see on your website that you are having a 1 week summer camp at Rachel Carson ES and Stone Mill ES in Gaithersburg. Is this summer camp open to all students? Or does the student have to be enrolled in that school? Thanks Martha from Germantown

Close to Rockville?

Does Panda Programmer offer classes or summer camps close to Rockville? Because I am interested in your programming classes for kids.  Is Panda Programmer teaching in Gaithersburg or Germantown? Similarly, I can drive to those locations as well.  I wish MCPS taught coding in school!  My kids want to learn programming.