September 2022

Coding Classes for kids in Montgomery County

Parents are asking this question lately, “How to teach Coding to Kids?”.

Because coding for kids is something you have to know about.

You cannot question this.  So many careers depend on technology and coding!

And… Just when you start getting accustomed to the existing technology, something new comes along. 

Today’s kids have a better knack for technology than their parents.

All of these things indicate one thing.

It’s time to teach these kids and get them acquainted with the whole making of all things technology.

The one most important word is ‘Coding’.

Not just coding, coding for kids.

The first question that pops up in our head when we think of coding for kids, is, “How to introduce coding to kids?”

As difficult as it may seem, teaching kids coding is actually rather easy. 

The big secret about teaching coding to kids is to teach programming as a creative activity for any kid to engage. 

When has any child learned anything this way!

Data processing algorithms are complicated and might not appeal to kids.

However, programming music, designing games, or websites, writing simple code in software, definitely intrigues kids! 

Teaching coding to children gives them a skill for life. 

Many different programming language tools exist for teaching children how to code. Panda Programmer uses several of these tools.

Some of these tools are developed as open-source and free ones that reached millions of children around the world. 

Sign your child up with Panda Programmer to begin the journey!