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Coding Classes for Kids!

Panda Programmer has cared for and taught Computer Science to thousands of students and campers

since 2015

coding summer camp for kids

Summer Camps

Since 2015 Panda Programmer has offered Summer Camps and Weekend Classes

2022 Summer Camp for kids will be announced in December.

Summer Camp 2022 begins in June!  We will be offering one week sessions of Summer Camp throughout the MCPS summer vacation.

online coding classes for kids

After-school and Online Coding Classes

Panda Programmer is back in Schools after school! We also teach Online Coding Classes

Beginning coders welcome!  Experienced coders welcome!  “We don’t play video games, we program our own!”

Classes are offered at various MCPS elementary and middle schools.  Check our schedule for online classes as well.  Our experienced (and always live!) instructors love teaching kids to code.

weekend in-person coding classes

Weekend In-Person Classes

Panda Programmer is resuming our weekend in-person classes on June 6, 2021.

Our classroom is located in the Kentlands community of Gaithersburg.  The address is 216 Main Street, #200

We take Covid safety seriously.  Our weekend classes feature social distancing of 3′ or more in our Kentlands classroom.

Program!  Learn Computer Science!  Children ages 8 and up ARE old enough to learn computer programming.  And with our K through 2nd Grade curriculum we are teaching students as young as 5!  The staff at Panda Programmer/Coding Club teaches kids the joy of coding computers by helping them program their own customized animations and computer games. Our students have a blast, while we guide them and help them learn graphics, control structures, and more all within a solid event-based model of computer programming.  Panda Programmer focuses on Elementary school students, while Coding Club focuses on Middle school students.  Maryland summer camps are our specialty.

Registration is Quick & Easy

Call or email us anytime at  443-26-PANDA or 

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