What our customers say!

Panda Programmer Summer Camp is more fun than Christmas!

- Will H.

This is the BEST class ever!

- Ojas V.

The kids love it and look forward to class all week.

- Hoai D.

Good. Super. It’s interesting because you get to work on videos and games.

- Alex D.

I think it’s pretty cool. I like to work on games and stuff. I’m going to make the best game ever!

- Natan C.

It’s fun, and not too difficult.

- Andy D.

I think it’s great to introduce programming concepts to them at this age. My son is on top of his world.

- Ila V.

Teaching-Computer-Class“I have GOT TO get my mom to cancel a week of ballet camp, so I can sign up for the intermediate class at Panda Programmer!

- Anna R.

My daughter Emily has been taking the first course with Panda Programming and we couldn’t be any more pleased with the experience she is receiving at Panda Programming. Will is a top notch instructor and his coursework is tailored to the skill level and learning ability of each student. Emily is so excited about going to class and then insists on continuing with the project work when she comes home from school. Her enthusiasm for coding and her peaked interest in programming is a direct result from the instruction she has received from Panda Programming. I highly recommend this course to your child.

- Shaun K

My son took the Coding 101 course from Panda Programmer. He had a great time and learned so much- He is sticking with it (so far!) since the class, and it is so good to see him working on his programming instead of just playing video games. Thanks Panda Programmer!

- Matt C

My son had a wonderful experience with Panda Programmer during summer camp this year! He had been a bit intimidated by computers, but he’s not intimidated any more- Will (the instructor) pushes the kids to learn, yet knows how to keep the course fun. We are looking forward to following up with an intermediate Panda Programmer class soon.

- Jackie L

I enrolled my daughter in the Panda Programmer course this week. She has had some experience using the computer and playing games, but no experience programming or coding. From the first day, she loved the course! The instructors are very friendly and available for questions. She is making her own programming projects, and is even teaching me now! They are starting to go over how to create games (it’s just the 3rd meeting of the class so far) and she has many ideas for her own games. We plan to continue on and take the Panda Programmer on-going class in August and September.

- Jason M

Programming classes like this should be a required part of K-12 public education.

- Shana O

Our son tried few others after school activities but nothing seemed to have excited him more than Panda Programmer. He is loving it and we have enrolled him TWICE already. Mr Corbin, who is the founder and also one of the instructors is particularly very good with kids, which probably makes the program so successful for our son. We are very happy with Panda..well done!

- Rashed, AlphaGraphics

Just wanted to say “thank you” to Panda Programmer for bringing your classes to Rachel Carson Elementary School. My daughter is loving her experience and an added benefit is that the Monday class is a motivation for her to get to school on Monday when it otherwise can be a challenge getting back into the swing of things after the weekend! We will be a repeat customer!

- Lauren K

Panda Programming is mind blowingly awesome!

- Dekker S

I always wanted to do this… and now my dream has come true!

- Nishikaa P