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Founder Information

“Instead of just PLAYING video games, have your kids DESIGN and PROGRAM them!”

Will Corbin is the founder of Panda Programmer, Inc.  In 2014, while his own children were in elementary school, Mr. Corbin sought a class or learning environment where his children could learn how to program computers.  There weren’t any options!  Mr. Corbin formed his own class which met during the weekends, and Panda Programmer was born.  Weekend classes soon evolved into after-school programs, In-School-Field-Trips, summer camps, and online classes.  To date, Panda Programmer has taught thousands of elementary and middle school students the joys of computer programming.

Will Corbin has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering, with a specialization in computers. He began his career creating business application software over 30 years ago, by programming Real Estate bookkeeping and job-costing software. Since then he has designed, implemented, and taught computer systems for diverse clients.  

If you would like to know more about Will Corbin’s background, or the many offerings of Panda Programmer, Inc please reach out to us at 443-26-PANDA or info@PandaProgrammer.com.