Coding Classes for Kids in 2024

As we near the end of the current school year, we are getting more questions from parents about our Coding Classes for kids. So we would like to summarize our approach to learning:

In today’s digital age, coding has become a crucial skill for children to learn, providing them not only with career opportunities but also with a solid foundation in logical thinking and problem-solving. Coding classes and camps designed for kids are specifically tailored to introduce them to these skills in a fun and engaging way. Among the organizations excelling in this educational field is Panda Programmer, which has distinguished itself through its comprehensive and enjoyable coding classes and camps designed for children.

Overview of Panda Programmer

Panda Programmer is an educational company that focuses on teaching children how to code in a supportive and interactive environment. Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Panda Programmer offers a range of coding classes and camps that cater to young learners of various ages and skill levels. The goal is to make coding accessible and fun, encouraging kids to explore and develop their interest in computer science and technology.

What Makes Panda Programmer Stand Out?

1. Curriculum Designed for Kids

  • Panda Programmer’s curriculum is specifically tailored for young minds. It uses languages and tools that are appropriate for children, such as Scratch, Python, and robotics programming, which simplify complex concepts and make learning to code enjoyable and accessible.

2. Engaging Learning Methods

  • Classes and camps are designed to be interactive and hands-on. Instructors use a project-based learning approach, meaning students can work on exciting projects like video games, animations, and even simple websites. This method helps children see the practical applications of their coding skills and keeps them engaged through creative expression.

3. Experienced Instructors

  • Panda Programmer places a strong emphasis on the quality and experience of its instructors. Most of the instructors teach throughout the year after school, and during our summer camps as well. This ensures they can offer expert guidance and make learning both effective and enjoyable for children.

4. Flexible Learning Options

  • Understanding the varied schedules and commitments of families, Panda Programmer offers a variety of learning options, including weekly classes, weekend sessions, and summer camps. This flexibility allows parents to fit coding education into their child’s life in the way that works best for them.

5. Positive Environment

  • The learning environment at Panda Programmer is designed to be supportive and inclusive. Instructors encourage collaboration among students as well as independent thinking. The aim is to build not only coding skills but also confidence, teamwork, and communication skills.
Kids hard at work!
Panda Summer Campers collaborating on their projects

News Jan 26, 2023

Panda Programmer is happy share some good news about the FTC robots competition team that is sponsored by Panda:  Last weekend, on Jan 21st, Team #21814 (team ROR) had a great showing at the Qualifiers competition in Laurel, and advanced to the Regionals competition on Feb 11th

Out of 28 teams, the team took first place for the “Innovate” award, 2nd place for the “Design” award, and 2nd place for the “Inspire” award.  Good job team members!  Both captains of the team are graduates of Panda Programmers Coding classes for kids.  Good luck team ROR at the Regionals!

The Winners!
Team ROR advances to compete in the Regionals competition on Feb 11th.
The competition field.
Each team consists of 2 robots and played against another team of 2 robots.
Last minute fixes to the robot
The team made some last minute fixes to the robot.
Judging session
The team described the design process for the robot
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June 25, 2021 News

June 25, 2021 News:  Now that the pandemic seems to be “more under control” people are scrambling to get their elementary and middle school children signed up for summer camps!

Maryland Summer Camps

Maryland summer camps are thriving in 2021.  Tennis camps, arts camps, and especially tech camps are getting kids out of the house, around their peers, and enjoying life again!

Summer Camp Coding

Summer camp coding is a fun and educational experience for many children in grades 1 through 8.  Initially such kids are drawn to coding from their love of video games.  But at Panda Programmer, the beauty and elegance of computer science quickly wins them over.  The students see the rewards first hand, of writing clean, well-don code.  

Summer Day Camp

Summer day camp is a great way to allow children to experiment with new hobbies and ideas.  At Panda Programmer, we welcome both beginning programmers and advanced programmers.  Our experienced teachers guide students and allow them to proceed at their own pace.  That way students are neither overwhelmed, nor are they bored!

Well, that’s about it for the June 25, 2021 News…  See you at summer camp!

June 25, 2021 news

Coding Summer Camp

Is there coding summer camp this year? I want my son to learn programming. JJ in Rockville

Summer Camp 2019

Hello Panda Programmer,

Have you announced dates yet for summer day camp 2019?  Also, what’s the deal with ukuleles and foreign language?? I thought this was primarily a coding camp?

Beth in Rockville


Summer camp in Gaithersburg

I have a comment regarding summer camp in Gaithersburg.  Your summer camps rock. My child recently participated in the Panda Programmer Gaithersburg summer camp. It was 5 intense half-days of coding.  Consequently my child loved it! Additionally the instructor made the topic fun and interesting for the children.  Amazingly they actually taught 8 year old children programming.  However they showed my child some amazing techniques.  They used the Scratch programming language. As a result, it was a great experience, and we are looking forward to doing another summer day camp with Panda Programmer next year.  And we prefer your summer camp in Gaithersburg if possible.

On another topic-  Do you think you will be teaching in-school, after-school programs again this fall?  I have heard many good things about Panda Programmer classes that are held in elementary and middle schools.  And I heard that your curriculum allows students to progress from where they left their learning in previous classes.  That’s a great system.  I sure hope that the Montgomery county government (or MCPS) allows in-school after-school programs this coming fall. Otherwise, we’ll just come back to summer camps in Gaithersburg…

Thanks Panda Programmer!

Alice in Gaithersburg

summer camp in gaithersburg

Coding for my kids

I would like to have my kids learn coding. But I don’t have the time or the ability! Do you teach kids to code? If so, what level is the class? Introductory level?   Alan in Gaithersburg

Summer Camp Rockville

I’m looking for a Rockville summer camp where my daughter can learn computer programming. She is 10. Can you help me out? Joe W.

Computer Classes for Homeschoolers

Dear Panda Programmer, i am the father of 2 elementary school aged children (an 8 year old and a 10 year old). We homeschool our children. I have been looking around for resources to teach our kids about computer programming, but haven’t found much that I like. Do you have any courses/schedules that accommodate homeschoolers? Thanks in advance-   Chuck (Gaithersburg)

Panda Programmer at Kentlands Day?

I heard that Panda Programmer will be at Kentlands Day this year. Are you holding classes? Should I bring the kids to learn some coding?