Maryland Summer Camps

Maryland summer camps begin with Panda Programmer.  Since 2014 we have offered fun-filled, educational summer camps for students in grades 1 through 8.  The focus for our camps is computer programming.  And, of course fun!

The foundation of our camps and classes is Scratch.  Scratch is the basic building block of our curriculum.  Once campers have mastered Scratch, we encourage them to try additional topics such as robots, Python, and JavaScript/HTML.  Our motto has always been “We don’t just play computer games, we create them!”  And this motto continues to be our guiding principle today.  Face it, kids in the grades of 1 though 8 are fascinated by video games.  The tend to play them a lot!  At Panda Programmer we do our best to take the energy from this fascination with computer games, and translate it into motivation to learn computer science to create games and educational projects.  The kids love learning, and creating their projects.  

Maryland summer camps come in different varieties.  Some camps specialize in sports, some in music, and some in art.  Traditionally our Panda Programmer summer camp focuses on computer programming.  However we like to take breaks and run around outside.  We also try to “develop the whole child” by also offering music and foreign language classes as part of our Maryland summer camps.  

Our Maryland summer camps are offered in full-day and half-day options.  Full-day campers arrive at 9 am and leave at 4 pm.  Half-day campers have the option of arriving at 9 am and staying until noon, or arriving at 1 pm and staying until 4 pm.  Full-day campers bring their own packed lunch, and optimally a snack for the middle of the day as well. 

Sign your child up today for a wonderful experience with summer camp coding!

Maryland Summer Camps