Panda Programmer is the leader in summer camp coding for Montgomery County, Maryland.  Since 2014 we have offered our summer camp experience to students in grades 1 through 8.  Our camp is fun, yet campers really learn the basics of computer science. 

During the school year, Panda Programmer offers classes in coding as an in-school, after-school program.  Elementary and middle school students stay after school to learn. Our experienced teachers bring the laptops (one per student) into the school for our classes.  Typically our in-school after-school classes are 2 hours long.  Our student to teacher ratio is 6:1 or less.  You can easily read more about our curriculum that is used both for after-school classes and for summer camp coding.

Panda Programmer uses the knowledge and experience from teaching after-school in our summer camp coding offerings.  Students who have studied with us during the school year DO NOT begin all over again when they join our summer camp.  Our teachers keep notes on each student’s progress so that he or she can pick up their learning where they left off.  Similarly if a student joins our after-school program having taken part in our summer camp, they pick up where they left off.  

summer camp coding