Summer Camp at Rachel Carson ES

Panda Programmer: I heard that you will be offering a 1 week summer camp at Rachel Carson ES in the Kentlands (Gaithersbug) this summer. But what is the deal with the foreign language and musical components to this camp? Are they required of the campers? I love the idea of coding camp, but don’t understand the foreign language and music part…   Linda North Potomac

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  1. Hello Linda,
    Thanks for your interest in our Panda Programmer summer camp- Yes, we are offering 1 week of full-day camp for kids in grades K to 5. We will teach them coding for half a day. For the remainder of the day (we don’t want them on computers the ENTIRE time!) they will have the following options for their time:
    – foreign language
    – music
    – summer homework
    – outdoor activities and sports
    – additional coding practice

    If a camper (or the camper’s parent) is not interested in one or more of the options above, no problem. He/she can simply do the others. Hope this helps clarify-

    Panda Programmer

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