Middle School curriculum

Middle School Curriculum

Dear Panda Programmer,

My son is in middle school and would like to learn how to code.  I saw that you teach middle school students as well as elementary school students.  How are they in the same programming class?  Aren’t the ages too disparate?  And would a middle schooler begin with Scratch, or Python, or ScratchJr?  Thanks in advance,

Pam in New York City

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  1. Hello Pam in New York,
    Middle school students are very welcome at Panda Programmer. Usually we group the older kids with the older kids, and keep the younger kids with the younger students, but even with our mixed classes it doesn’t really matter because each student studies and advances at his or her own pace.
    As for where students begin with our curriculum, only the youngest students study ScratchJr. Students in grades 3 and above begin with Scratch. When they have mastered Scratch, they move on to Python and HTML/JavaScript. I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to write us back with any additional thoughts or questions. Have a great day,


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