2024 Coding Summer Camps

Kids hard at work!

Unleash Your Child’s Coding Potential This Summer!

Join Panda Programmer’s Summer Camp 2024 for an engaging blend of coding, fun, and exploration. Located in Gaithersburg and Silver Spring, Maryland, our camps offer a unique opportunity for children ages 5-13 to dive into the world of computer science.

What Makes Panda Programmer the Best Kids Coding Camp?

Hands-On Learning

Our curriculum is designed to make coding fun and accessible for all skill levels.

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Expert Instructors

Our experienced staff guide students through every step, ensuring a supportive learning environment.

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Balanced Activities

Beyond coding, kids will enjoy outdoor activities, games, and even learning the ukulele!

Summer Camp Details:

Duration: 5 days (Monday – Friday)

Hours: 9am – 4pm 

(Aftercare available from 4pm – 6pm at an additional cost)

Age Group: Rising 1st through 8th graders

Multiple Locations Maryland Avaliable:

  • Gaithersburg: Pathways Baptist Church, 200 West Diamond Avenue
  • Silver Spring: Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, 818 University Boulevard West

Covid Safety Protocols:  Panda Programmer takes Covid and Covid safety seriously.  We will evaluate recommendations from the federal, state, and county levels as we formulate our approach to Covid for summer 2024.  Feel free to ask us for more details.  

Our Age Tailored Programs are Fun for All Ages!

At Panda Programmer’s Summer Camp, we believe that learning should be both fun and challenging, no matter your child’s age. Our curriculum is carefully tailored to meet the developmental needs of each age group, ensuring that every camper enjoys a balanced mix of excitement and education.

For a more detailed description of all curricula, please visit our Curriculum page!

Ages 5-8

Scratch JR

Young children will be introduced to the world of coding through playful, interactive lessons. Using tools like Scratch JR, they’ll create their own animations and simple games, all while developing foundational programming skills.

Each task is designed to be age-appropriate, encouraging creativity and logical thinking without overwhelming them.

Kids will gain confidence in their abilities, learn to solve problems, and experience the joy of bringing their ideas to life through code.

Ages 8-10


This group will dive deeper into coding with Scratch, building more complex projects that require higher levels of critical thinking and problem-solving.

As they progress, students will encounter new programming concepts like control structures and variables, which will push their skills further.

They’ll enhance their analytical abilities, learn to collaborate on projects, and develop a deeper understanding of how coding works.

Ages 11-13

Advanced Scratch and Robotics

Older campers will tackle advanced topics in Scratch, robotics, and even Python.

These activities are designed to be intellectually stimulating, introducing them to advanced coding techniques and real-world applications.

Students will strengthen their logical reasoning, improve their coding proficiency, and prepare for high school-level computer science courses.

Secure Your Child’s Spot: Limited slots available – don’t miss out!

Camp Locations and Dates

We are looking forward to holding camp at two different locations — Gaithersburg and Silver Spring.  Ours is one of the best summer camps in Maryland.

Gaithersburg:  Pathways Baptist Church at 200 West Diamond Avenue

Silver Spring:  Good Shepherd Episcopal Church at 818 University Boulevard West

StartEndGaithersburgSilver Spring
6/176/21Pathways Baptist ChurchGood Shepherd Episcopal Church
6/246/28Pathways Baptist ChurchGood Shepherd Episcopal Church
7/17/5Pathways Baptist ChurchGood Shepherd Episcopal Church
7/87/12Pathways Baptist ChurchGood Shepherd Episcopal Church
7/157/19Pathways Baptist ChurchGood Shepherd Episcopal Church
7/227/26Pathways Baptist ChurchGood Shepherd Episcopal Church
7/298/2Pathways Baptist ChurchGood Shepherd Episcopal Church
8/58/9Pathways Baptist ChurchGood Shepherd Episcopal Church
8/128/16Pathways Baptist ChurchGood Shepherd Episcopal Church
8/198/23Pathways Baptist ChurchGood Shepherd Episcopal Church
Panda Programmer Summer Camp Locations

Camp Pricing and Discounts

Our Summer Camp costs $499 per child for Full-Day (9 am to 4 pm) or $314 per child for Half-Day (9 am to noon or 1 pm to 4 pm)

Multi-Week Discount:  10% off for the 2nd week, 3rd week, etc.

Sibling Discount:  10% off for the 2nd sibling, 3rd sibling, etc.

After-Care:  Extend your camp day through 6 pm!  For $90 per week, take advantage of our After-Care service and pick your child up by 6 pm.

Questions? Feel free to e-mail us at info@PandaProgrammer.com or call us at 443-26-PANDA.

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