Introductory computer classes are now forming for Panda Programmer. Therefore new students are welcome!  Our courses come in different formats: Our typical after-school classes that meet in the afternoon; also Weekend classes that meet on Saturdays or Sundays; and the Summer Camp format that meets for  each day on every weekday of the week. Panda Programmer teaches Scratch, and so much more.  So, sign your child up now for Panda Programmer’s introductory course!

Sometimes parents wonder how an introductory course can also be suitable for advanced students.  In Panda Programmer classes, both beginner and advanced students thrive.  That’s because our experienced teachers give each student task(s) to do that are appropriate for their level.  The students works on the task, and at their pace, show the teacher their work.  If the teacher is satisfied that the task has been done well enough, the student gets the next task to work on.  Therefore, both introductory and advanced students can work effectively side-by-side at the appropriate pace for the student.  And, when a student (beginner or advanced) makes some cool progress, they are encouraged to show off what they have done.  Results can impress both beginner and advanced students!

At Panda Programmer, it is important to us to welcome beginners to our introductory classes.  It doesn’t matter if the student has coded before in school, at home, or at a camp.  Our introductory class instructors assess new students, giving them a “trial” task to work on.  If the student finishes the trial task quickly and easily, the teacher may advance the student to a more advance level.  If the student struggles with the trial task, the teacher may place the student more towards the beginning of our curriculum. Either way, both advanced and beginning students can excel in our introductory classes.