Gaithersburg area Summer Camp for coding


I am looking for a Gaithersburg area summer camp for coding.  

I believe you offered a summer camp last year. Do you plan to offer summer camp this year as well?

Natalya in Gaithersburg


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  1. Hello Natalya,
    Thank you for your interest in Panda Programmer Summer Camps! We are offering a more involved summer camp for 2016. We are offering two 1-week sessions of full-day camp. It will be an amazing experience for children in grades K through 5. We will teach them coding (as we do throughout the school year), but also will be teaching them music and foreign language. All this with plenty of outdoor play mixed in. It is the “perfect summer camp” experience. See our web-site for more details, and call or e-mail us to register. We look forward to seeing your child at camp-

    Will Corbin
    Founder, Panda Programmer

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