Panda Programmer offers coding classes for kids. Typically computer programming and coding is not taught in public schools as part of classes for kids. But computer programming and computer science is a fundamental part of our modern world! Panda Programmer offers an introductory class to students in grades 1 though 8. We begin by having the students work with graphics and animations. We introduce structured control to move the animations.  And by the end of our course, students can make their own simple video games!  Please browse our web-site to learn more about our approaches.  You can also learn about our locations, online classes, and inspiration.  We also specialize in summer camp coding.


Our students have many options when it comes to scheduling.  We offer in-school after-school coding classes for kids.  We teach our classes in MCPS elementary and middle schools.

Another option for our students is our weekend classes.   We teach our weekend classes in the Kentlands neighborhood of Gaithersburg.  Panda Programmer typically teaches our weekend classes at 10 am on Saturdays and Sundays.  

Possibly our most fun option for coding classes for kids is our summer camp.  We offer one of the most successful of Maryland summer camps!  We use our same time-tested curriculum and experienced teachers.  Campers have the option of taking half-day or full-day camps over a 1 week period.  Our camps are held in the summer.  

An additional option for getting your child involved in programming is our In-School field trips.  Our experienced teachers come into school during the school day to teach coding.  Many teachers prefer handing off STEM topics such as coding to an outside expert.  And we love being that expert!  Speak with your principal, PTA, or teachers if you are interested in having Panda Programmer come into your school for an In-School field trip.  

coding classes for kids